The Super League's Own Goal ➜

I’m not a big soccer guy, but I understand why the Super League is enraging the fans. Phil of All That is Solid explains why it might also be a bad move for the owners:

Winning and losing have consequences: trophies and titles are always aspirational, but the struggle to maintain one’s standing in the rankings is the meat and gravy of football. Games might always be games, but it’s the stakes invested in them that matter, which probably helps explain why friendly matches never generate as much of a buzz. The super league might have its own title, but there is no price for failure. Coming at the bottom of the league does not mean relegation, nor are there any routes into the league. It is entirely closed up, a hermetically sealed panic room insulating self-styled elite clubs from the competition. This is nothing other than an attempt at an oligopoly.

The top clubs are owned by hyper capitalists and venture funds, so the fix is likely already in. But wouldn’t it be sort of nice if everyone said “enough’s enough” and just watched some other league?

Update: Looks like I was too cynical and that the whole thing collapsed after barely 48 hours. That said, I think something like this will still happen, but they’ll ned to be more circumspect about it.