One of my favorite bands, The Divine Comedy, is playing in Oslo tonight. I’ve seen them twice before, once here and once in Dublin, which was one of the great concert experiences of my life.

Neil Hannon, who is The Divine Comedy, has been remarkably consistent in his output, and being untethered from his contemporaries, has avoided the usual "middle age is approaching" slump. Furthermore, his side project, The Duckworth Lewis Method, a cricket-themed collaboration with Thomas Walsh, led me to discover the latter’s band, Pugwash, one of the great – and unfairly obscure – pop bands around.

The closest The Divine Comedy has come to releasing a dud was Regeneration, which was a stab at sounding more of its time. It remains one of the less-loved (Less-loved, mind you, not more-hated) releases, which is unfair, because it’s really good. This is the video for Perfect Lovesong.