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Let me go ahead and get to the punchline—Anonymous, the hacker group that started Occupy—the radical Leftist movement in America—a good percentage of those folks worked with the Russians on the leaks and disinformation campaigns that put Trump in office

Robert Strong

Not sure I buy that there’s more ideologically to Russia’s war on the west other than revanchism and greed, but I can believe that Anonymous helped get Trump elected. A bit like how the Trotskyists of Spiked in the UK has embraced right-wing libertarianism to undermine the UK.

Posted Mar 05, 2023 in Life, death and taxes.

Putin wants to expunge the very idea of Ukraine from history. He believes it to be a fallacy. The Ukrainians hold because of many reasons, including continuing Western support, but in the end they hold because they have no choice. They are fighting for their existence. Even in the age of a supranational Europe, Ukraine shows that sovereignty and national feeling still drives peoples.

“Nations must be able to defend themselves,” writes David Patrikarako.

Posted Feb 23, 2023 in Hope for the future.

The story goes that millennials lived, laughed, and loved their way into an unprecedentedly insipid environment, turning once-gritty cities into Instagram-friendly dispensaries of baroque ice cream cones that call back, madeleine-style, to the enfolding warmth of their suburban childhoods. But the contemporary built environment is not the millennials’ legacy; it is their inheritance. They didn’t ask for cardboard modernism — they simply capitulate to its infantilizing aesthetic paradigm because there is no alternative.

From n+1 magazine.

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For a long time machine curation felt like the future, but now I think the window of pure machine curation is closing. To the extent that search will still be useful, it’ll be useful for searching human-whitelisted content. […] This is good news for human experts like editors and librarians, who have been treated as obsolete by the tech community for decades. Remember librarians? They’re still around, and their work is more valuable than ever.

Jim Stormdancer on how machine learning will decimate search engines as we know them

Posted Feb 08, 2023 in Technology.

Frank Hammersland er død, bare 53 år gammel. Jeg har hørt mye på Pogo Pops, og har fått oppleve dem et par ganger live også – hver gang en mektig opplevelse, med spilleglede i overflod. Hammersland hadde melodisk teft på nivå med Paul McCartney, og var i tillegg en dritgod vokalist.

Da vi bodde på Vålerenga, oppdaget jeg da jeg tok en øl på Times en sommerdag at han satt på bordet ved siden av – og følte meg litt starstruck. (Jeg turde ikke å hilse på.) Året senere kom Love is the Greatest Compass med bl.a. denne godbiten. Hvil i fred, og takk for alle sangene.

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This looks … like something I want to see. Obviously, I will see it when it comes out, but with some apprehension. I don’t think Indy 4 was quite the trainwreck people say it is, but it was certainly the low point of the franchise. Of course, Raiders of the Lost Ark is pretty much the perfect adventure film, so you can’t reasonably expect to top it very easily. Still … cautiously optimistic for this one.

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