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Frank Hammersland er død, bare 53 år gammel. Jeg har hørt mye på Pogo Pops, og har fått oppleve dem et par ganger live også – hver gang en mektig opplevelse, med spilleglede i overflod. Hammersland hadde melodisk teft på nivå med Paul McCartney, og var i tillegg en dritgod vokalist.

Da vi bodde på Vålerenga, oppdaget jeg da jeg tok en øl på Times en sommerdag at han satt på bordet ved siden av – og følte meg litt starstruck. (Jeg turde ikke å hilse på.) Året senere kom Love is the Greatest Compass med bl.a. denne godbiten. Hvil i fred, og takk for alle sangene.

Posted Jan 21, 2023 in Obituaries.

This looks … like something I want to see. Obviously, I will see it when it comes out, but with some apprehension. I don’t think Indy 4 was quite the trainwreck people say it is, but it was certainly the low point of the franchise. Of course, Raiders of the Lost Ark is pretty much the perfect adventure film, so you can’t reasonably expect to top it very easily. Still … cautiously optimistic for this one.

Posted Dec 05, 2022 in Film.

By the time we get to the advent, Christmas has already been rolling for a while. And while ‘tis the season to be jolly, it’s also a bit of a chore.

Posted Dec 01, 2022 in Music.

[M]ost big businesses — like Twitter’s advertisers — are global, and the idea of hate, to them, is laughable, because they’re trying to sell stuff to everybody, including the gay people (that’s 10–20% of the world), women (50% of the world), people of color (they’re 80% of the world)…everybody. […] They don’t have any room for hate whatsoever, because it gets in the way of business.

Umair Haque

Posted Nov 13, 2022 in Politics.

Britain is still a very governable country in which most people are not at anyone’s throat and wish, for the most part, simply to be governed competently; a country which has just changed its head of state after seventy years with barely a tremor of uncertainty. No, the problem is not us, it’s them: the Conservative Party. It is diseased. Twelve years of government, and the rupturing, self-lobotomising effects of Brexit, have conspired to create a party which has turned its face from the world and now experiences reality as a series of violent shocks from the outside.

Ian Leslie, Reptile Wars

Posted Oct 16, 2022 in Life, death and taxes.

One look at the mega-rich shows the futility of great wealth. Jeff Bezos, for example, goes on amusement park rides alone and makes brief trips into near-space, thereby only emulating a mid-ranking Soviet Union Air Force officer of 61 years ago. That's a pathetic return on billions of pounds.

Trinkets of frivolous utility

Posted Oct 13, 2022 in Wit.

Bergen’s black metal stalwarts Enslaved released another classic with 2020’s Utgard. They’re back with a new single, Kingdom, promising more great things to come.

Posted Oct 13, 2022 in Music.